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Electroneural Diagnosis and Therapy

Electroneural Diagnosis and Therapy (ENT) offers a most gentle and very efficient treatment for pain, succeeding even where the common methods of treatment have not brought sufficient results. At the same time it has a regenerating and revitalising effect because it balances energetic deficiencies.

ENT is particularly appropriate for treatment of just about all chronic diseases, allergies, degeneration of the spinal column and intervertebral disks, neuralgia, headaches, migraine, phantom feelings, psychological and physical exhaustion, functional vegetative disorders, cancerous tumours, multiple sclerosis, focus diagnosis, susceptibility to infections, and developmental anomalies during childhood.

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after treatment

For better success of the treatment the patient should avoid coming near to electric heat pads, electric blankets or similar electric appliances as this could diminish or even neutralise the effect of the treatment (induced current!) which is certainly not intended.

Absolutely contraindicated is use if inflammations are present, especially if accompanied by fever. In these cases ENT could worsen the illness. For florid tuberculosis, ENT usually does not work. The existence of a pacemaker is considered as a relative contraindication. In case of thrombophlebitis the points at the legs should be omitted. Pregnant women and people suffering from hypertonia should not be treated at the head points.
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